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Patient Success Stories

testimonialsWhat others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice.  Review a selection of Brownley Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health

Dr. Brian Brownley

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Low Back Pain & Sciatica

After only a few treatments my pain is totally gone.

“Before coming to Dr. Brownley my low-back was out to the point that I had constant pain from my buttocks down to my ankles. After only a few chiropractic treatments my pain is totally gone. Thank you Dr. Brownley!”

- Kathy O.

Today I am PAIN FREE!!

“At 72 years of age, after several years of intermittent back pain and three years of daily back pain, especially while practicing the harp, I decided to try acupuncture. Three sessions later, the doctor stated “too tight – chiropractors have a table”. Thus my first experience with a chiropractor, Dr. Brownley. His chiropractic movements are artistic expression, and he works extremely hard at his art. He is exuberantly enthusiastic about his work. With dramatic results he loosened my “too tight” parts. Today I am PAIN FREE!! Dr. Brownley is extremely knowledgeable and excellent in his skills. He is a very personable, spirit-filled, caring, sensitive, humorous person.”

- Jinny S.

Sciatica relief without the pain killers.

“In the past I have experienced degrees of sciatica problems. I was able to deal with it by visiting Dr. Brownley’s office for periodic adjustments. This summer my prolonged flight to Europe set off a severe sciatica flare-up. I took pain killers just to get by. Once back in California I hoped that one week of bed rest could help. It didn’t and my condition remained the same. Unable to sit or drive and moving only with a painful limp, I contacted my MD. The x-ray showed some degree of scoliosis and my MD prescribed more pain killers and several visits of physical therapy. The pain killers did not address the cause of my problems and the physical therapy did not get rid of my pain, which was shooting from my buttocks to my ankle. Then I went to see Dr. Brownley…

Dr. Brownley has been my chiropractor for several years. When he first saw me he was concerned but very encouraging and positive about getting me “back in shape”. For the first two weeks my husband drove me to Dr. Brownley’s for treatment – after that my pain decreased and I was able to drive my car – a small victory! Dr.Brownley’s excellent knowledge and skills, positive energy and ever-present cheerfullness helped me to get better! Dr. Brownley is very passionate about his work and he loves to help people regain and maintain their good health. Thanks to his enthusiastic and skilled care I am pain-free! There are many chiropractors in my neighborhood, but I do not mind driving the distance to be treated by Dr. Brownley, whom I trust fully. I continue to see him to monitor my condition and to maintain my well-being.”

- Dana G.

Neck Pain

My pain has subsided and my energy level has increased.

“As a runner and a dancer, I have had to deal with back and neck problems that have been a bothersome ordeal. I knew that I wanted to correct this situation before it would become a life-long and painful nuisance. In March of 2005, I decided to see Dr. Brownley.

My x-rays showed that I had an 87% loss of curve in my neck, which was a leading culprit for my pain. However, Dr. Brownley assured me that with time he would be able to restore the curve in my neck which would ease my pain. Sure enough, as time progressed, I started to notice that the pain had subsided and my entire body began to show positive results due to his chiropractic methods, knowledge and skills. In addition, my energy level has increased dramatically and my posture has improved. Being in my early 20’s, I recommend that everyone have a chiropractor, no matter what your age may be. Dr. Brownley is a compassionate individual who strives to have a personal relationship with his patients. His chiropractic methods continue to assist me in improving how my body functions and feels on a day-to-day basis. It is a joy to have him as my chiropractor.”

- Jaime K.

Instead of treating me only when I was “sick”, Dr. Brownley wanted to help keep me healthy.

“I was once told that in ancient China patients would only pay their doctor when they were healthy. If they got sick, no payment was necessary as the job of the doctor was to keep them well. I’ve often imagined the revolutionary implications of this paradigm on our healthcare system and our philosophy of illness. Instead of doctors treating patients after they got sick, doctors would offer preventative treatments to keep people healthy. Imagine that! Recently it dawned on my that this was the message Dr. Brownley has been trying to tell me. Instead of treating me only when I was “sick”, he wanted to help keep me healthy. For over a year, I followed the typical scenario of coming in whenever my neck was in crisis, and Dr. Brownley would “fix” it, but sooner or later the problem would flare up again. Finally, I made a commitment to follow the treatment plan that Dr. Brownley had been suggesting. After a time of intensive treatment to get my neck back on track, I began coming in periodically for preventative treatments. Instead of coming in when I am in crisis, I am following the ancient Chinese model and coming in for regular maintenance. It makes so much sense, and most importantly, my neck feels better!”

- Christina B.

Working with Dr. Brownley was such an eye-opening experience.

“I was suffering for over 6 years with chronic pain in my neck and shoulders. This state of constant pain decreased my ability to lead the active lifestyle which I had been accustomed to and distracted me from the things which I hold most dear. For over ten years I had been an avid soccer play, sponsored skateboarder and surfer. I learned to ignore the pain and move forward which I later realized to be nothing less than neglect…

After trying multiple physical therapists, acupuncturists, anesthesiologists, primary care physicians and chiropractors I had lost hope in regaining my health. As time went on I became more and more skeptical that I would find someone or something that could assist me in this time of suffering. On a trip to pick up my dry cleaning, I found Dr. Brian Brownley’s offer for a free massage and decided to give it one more try. What I did not know was that it would be such an eye-opening experience to work with Dr. Brownley. From the first session, Dr. Brownley really understood immediately what the problem was and went right to work. While he worked very hard for me, he also spent a lot of time taking care to explain properly what was going on, what I needed to understand about my condition and what I needed to do to make myself better. We discussed many necessary components of my positive change such as my diet, my psychology and self-maintenance. It was not easy, but he was there, like a very supportive coach who gave incredibly energetic support and I felt that I could not fail with him. His knowledge and skills were obviously first-class but it was his positive energy and belief in me that really was the turning point for me and my life. He did what everybody else could not do. I know that I have been blessed with many things for what has happened in my life and Dr. Brownley is a big part of this great fortune.”

- Chris W.

Headaches & Migraines

I no longer live in fear of a headache snatching days away from me!

“My name is Stacy N. and I am 25 years old. I was drawn to try chiropractic care because I am a lifetime migraine sufferer. I began having migraines in the third grade and they increased in severity as I grew up. In college it was not uncommon for me to go to the emergency room at least once a month because I was severely crippled by the pain. In addition, I constantly had neck and shoulder pain that never seemed to go away without large amounts of ibuprofen. In order to cope with the migraines, especially in college with a full schedule of classes and work, I habitually took over-the-counter medication. My body eventually became completely dependant on medication and caffeine to prevent pain. Sometimes nothing worked at all. Many doctors were eager to prescribe medication but no one wanted to offer long-term hope for pain relief. Finally, a doctor encouraged me to come off all medications and rid my body of its dependancy…

This was incredibly emotionally scary and a very difficult time for me physically. At this time I began to consider chiropractic as an alternative way to treat the migraines. However, I was extremely skeptical and presented each and every “chiropractic myth” to Dr. Brownley on my first visit. He was very patient and addressed each of my concerns using everyday language that I could understand. I began to get my chiropractic adjustments faithfully every week. Almost immediately the neck and shoulder pain (that I couldn’t remember living without) went away. From then my headaches have decreased in frequency and severity with every month that goes by. I can proudly say that I am not at all dependent on any medication at this time! I feel so much better and no longer live in fear of a headache snatching days away from me. Also, with every visit I learn something new. I am so thankful for Dr. Brownley and Deanna who have been so supportive and excited at my progress! CHIROPRACTIC WORKS!!”

- Stacy N.

Arm/Hand Pain, Tingling, Numbness

My MD prescribed pain killers that did address the root of my problem.

“I had been living with a constant burning and tingling pain in my left arm for a few years. It began at my neck and extended to my fingertips, sometimes so painful I had to support my arm, because its own weight aggravated the pain. Traditional medicine had failed me. My MD prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxers that did not address the root problem. I always felt as if my neck was just not right. Dr. Brownley correctly diagnosed the problem, and within a few visits I was feeling real relief. Now that my treatments are complete, I have been pain-free for weeks. I continue to see Dr. Brownley periodically, to monitor the condition and maintain good health. I recommend his services highly.”

- Bill W.

Improved Quality of Life

I recommend Dr. Brownley to anyone seeking the fullness from life that a healthy body can provide.

Chiropractic care is a gift and Dr. Brownley has that gift. His diagnosis and treatment for injuries suffered to my neck and back resulting from an automobile accident relieved my pain and contributed to a speedier recovery and return to normalcy. For myself and my family, chiropractic maintenance is extremely important for continued physical wellness and Dr. Brownley has demonstated his unique ability to meet that challenge. I recommend Dr. Brownley to anyone seeking the fullness from life that a healthy body can provide.

- Robin P.

My back/joint health has improved dramatically!

I came to Dr. Brownley about a year ago & thank God I did. Over the years my body has taken quite a beating from playing baseball @ a high level in addition to consistently lifting weights. It is fair to say that since I hit my 30’s I have experienced significant back & joint discomfort/pain on a regular basis. Being a born again Christian, I prayed for God’s healing touch & it is my belief He led me to Dr. Brownley. As a result of changing my diet, drastically altering my workout regiment & consistently visiting with Dr. Brownley I can honestly say that my back/joint health has improved dramatically.

- Jason M.

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